Business card for an audio-visual tech (link roundup)

Business card and yo La Tengo poster by Justin LaFontaine.And a few more links:1. A whale was spotted floating 25 miles off shore in Vietnam. Whales are revered there, so it was towed in by 10 boats worth of fisherman for a burial. 10,000 people have paid last respects to his "Excellency." Via.2. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has a syringe collecting program, and so far it seems that it's been a bug success - - the boxes are routinely filled to the brim. However, the nature of the syringes strongly indicates that they're not being dropped off by frightened junkies; they're being dumped by medical clinics.3. Katie Cook posted the cards she created for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 card set.*Previously: Pulp-style Star Wars art for the Galaxy 5 set.*Buy Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards at eBay.


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