Super Punch Tarot: Five of Coins

Nine of Cups by Meghan Murphy. See also: Jessica Rabbit. Buy her book, Kawaii Not Cute at Amazon.Five of Coins by Justin Van Genderen. See also: Star Wars travel posters. Visit his webstore.Relatedly, Rich Page explains how he created the Eight of Swords for the Super Punch tarot.You can see the full tarot deck to date here. Also, I've begun receiving tarot card submissions from other artists, and am posting them here.*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.

Young Batman (link roundup)

Young Batman apparently photographed by Jonathan May (NSFW). Via these sites.And a few more links:1. Rippling place settings act out a scene from American Beauty. Via.2. Fascinating look at the career of wrestling's The Ultimate Warrior. Specifically, whether he was replaced by an impostor. Sample paragraph:And so the Ultimate Warrior was back, picking up where he left off. Or was he? If this new man wasn't the old Ultimate Warrior, then who was he? Kerry Von Erich? Jim Powers? Some unknown 6-foot-2 muscleman? After all, the WWF has pulled similar switches over the years. The Killer Bees' whole gimmick was based on their masquerading as one another; there was the Dave/Earl Hebner switcharoo at WrestleMania III; the Undertaker (Mark Calloway) was replaced for a stretch by Brian Lee (known lovingly to fans as "the Underfaker"); Jim Ross brought imposter versions of Diesel and Razor Ramon to RAW after Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the men who originally played the roles, defected to WCW in 1996.3. Great write-ups of A.I. (which I hated), and Eyes Wide Shut (which I actually liked). Via.*Previously: Cheerful images from Kubrick flicks.*Buy A.I. toys at eBay.
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