Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt (Threadless roundup)

Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt by Skylar Hogan (the cat appears in daylight) on sale at Threadless.And speaking of Threadless, here's a few shirts up for vote. If you'd like the chance to buy them, click on the voting widgets.Turtle and Hare by Eliude ValverdeYoshi vs. Donkey Kong by Bocognani FlorentHappy burger and donut by Joel Parsons*Previously: Two Cheshire Cats.*Buy Cheshire Cat toys at eBay.

Light sculptures (link roundup)

Big gallery of light sculptures by Gustavo Sanabria.And a few more links:1. There's still hope that John Clayton has a ponytail? (I so want it to be true.)2. Comic Book Legends Revealed takes a look at a comic book that really traumatized me.3. An allegation that Variety killed a bad movie review in exchange for $400,000.*Previously: Chris Burden's Urban Light.*Buy glow in the dark toys at Amazon.

Rocketeer art (link roundup)

One of two Rocketeer images by Mihajlo Dimitrovski.And a few more links:1. Poster for Funk Bowl, a bowling event in New York.2. Slick Nick Fury pinup by Evan Shaner.3. Nightline looks at celebrity chefs who have lost a lot of weight, including Nate Appleman, who starred on the most recent season of Next Iron Chef.*Previously: The Rocketeer vs The Zeppelin Thief.*Buy Nick Fury toys at eBay.

Syd Mead-esque parking lot (link roundup)

Syd Mead-esque parking lot by Rasmus Poulsen.And a few more links:1. As of this weekend, my rss feed updates much faster than it used to. If there's someone out there responsible, thanks very much. I have noticed.2. Remember when Batman kicked the Joker so hard in the head that his head exploded?3. Deep sea diver illustration.*Previously: Blade Runner by Ben Templesmith.*Buy Blade Runner posters at eBay.

Samus taking off her armor (link roundup)

Samus by Sung Jin Ahn.And a few more links:1. Relatedly, Metroid: Other M sounds excellent.2. Somebody is targeting members of Hemet's gang task force (in California).3. Kawaii versions of the Incredibles.4. Bad week for Kevin Smith, now he's using Twitter to complain about a C- his movie Cop Out received from Entertainment Weekly. Shucks, his movie is either horrendous, or he needs to sue the marketer for crafting such unwatchable advertisements. *Previously: Samus cosplay.*Buy Metroid toys at eBay.

Pikachu crushed ice machine (link roundup)

Pikachu crushed ice machine - - because who wouldn't enjoy dessert expelled from a yellow rodent. Via.And a few more links:1. Looks like the next Project Rooftop redesign contest is Black Canary. 2. Dave Perillo's submission for the upcoming show at Gallery 1988 is "Baseball Mascots Through the Ages."3. Suddenly, I'm very interested in author John Twelve Hawks. Reputable sources have suggested that he's actually Stephen King, or Michael Chabon, or James Frey. *Previously: Pikachu paper toy.*Buy John Twelve Hawks books at Amazon.

Buzz Lightyear as a real man (link roundup)

Buzz Lightyear as a real man by Raoni Nery. Via.And a few more links:1. Thriller and Indiana Jones sketch cards by Brett Engstrom, who charges $40 for a color sketch card.2. An ancient temple was found in Turkey - - it predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture.3. Apparently, NBA player Marquis Daniels had a pendant made in his own likeness. It's covered with black, white and cognac diamonds.*Previously: Skull watch and pendant by Marc Jacobs.*Buy sketch cards at eBay.

Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster (link roundup)

Manga-style Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster by Eric Tan for the upcoming Gallery 1988 sports-themed show.And a few more links:1. GM is going to discontinue Hummer. Seems like only yesterday that GM was able to demand that car dealerships build dedicated Hummer showrooms. Via.2. In many ways, our bodies are terribly suited for modern life. For example:For long stretches of history, the average woman had only about 100 menstrual cycles in her lifetime, because frequent pregnancies and breastfeeding kept her from menstruating. A typical woman today has 400 cycles, creating more stress on her ovaries and subjecting her breasts to more hormonal swings.Via.3. There's still time to participate in this month's art contest, or to comment and win a book.*Previously: Four Horseman poster for the Gallery 1988 show.*Buy Mike Tyson toys at eBay.

Lady Midakko and Pennagolan (link roundup)

As I understand it, this is a Lady Midakko and Pennagolan miniature, painted by Sébastien Picque, from the game Okko. Japanese demons are the coolest. Via.And a few more links:1. And here I was so looking forward to football coverage - - John Clayton apparently does not have a pony tail. Thanks, Phil.2. Don't mess with this Little Red Riding Hood.3. Arakune paper toy (from BlazBlue).*At Toycutter: Lots of tutorials on painting miniatures.*Buy Little Red Riding Hood toys at eBay.

Alice in Wonderland by Olly Moss (link roundup)

Alice in Wonderland by Olly Moss for Empire.And a few more links:1. The Motorola Droid is $50 with a Verizon plan at Amazon.2. Detailed review of the DiGiorno Cheese & Tomato 200 Calorie Portions frozen pizzas.3. Joel Johnson details in vivid detail the sexual molestation he was a victim of.4. Relatedly, "The executive director of Napa State Hospital, a Northern California mental institution that treats child sexual offenders, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of molesting his adopted son for more than a decade."*Previously: Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt. *Buy Alice in Wonderland toys at eBay.

Business card for an audio-visual tech (link roundup)

Business card and yo La Tengo poster by Justin LaFontaine.And a few more links:1. A whale was spotted floating 25 miles off shore in Vietnam. Whales are revered there, so it was towed in by 10 boats worth of fisherman for a burial. 10,000 people have paid last respects to his "Excellency." Via.2. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has a syringe collecting program, and so far it seems that it's been a bug success - - the boxes are routinely filled to the brim. However, the nature of the syringes strongly indicates that they're not being dropped off by frightened junkies; they're being dumped by medical clinics.3. Katie Cook posted the cards she created for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 card set.*Previously: Pulp-style Star Wars art for the Galaxy 5 set.*Buy Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards at eBay.

Blue Wizard is down on his luck (link roundup)

Panhandling Blue Wizard by Jeremy Tinder for the upcoming Game Over show at Giant Robot.And a few more links:1. There's a seemingly neverending collection of Adventure Time fan art at The Autumn Society. 2. Sea World Orlando is apparently home to a serial-killing killer whale. "Sold to SeaWorld as a stud in 1992, the whale was involved in a second incident when authorities discovered the body of a naked homeless man lying across his back in July 1999."3. Almost time for March MODOK Madness.4. Tomorrow, you'll have a chance of getting tickets to see Tron footage (I guess).*Previously: Klingon panhandler.*Buy MODOK toys at eBay.

Secret messages hidden in the Bioshock 2 special edition posters (link roundup)

The mini-posters that come with the Bioshock 2 special edition reveal secret messages when shown under a blacklight.And a few more links:1. This headline sounds like the start of a joke: "Car crashes into Lee Strasberg acting studio in West Hollywood."2. Detailed video analysis showing how Rajon Rondo's gambling on defense sometimes hurts the Celtics. I wish ESPN did more of this and less talking heads yelling about respecting the game and being a leader. Via. 3. The Smoking Gun rounded up complaints made against New Jersey toll collectors (including sexual come-ons, profanity, and plain bizarre behavior).*Previously: Bioshock wine bottles.*Buy Bioshock toys at eBay.

Colorful motorcycle helmet (link roundup)

Colorful motorcycle helmet based on a lace pattern by Snow & Graham.And a few more links:1. Thumbs up for Shutter Island: I've heard it described as Scorsesee's love letter to Hitchcock, and that's pretty accurate. It's also a bit like a trip through a haunted mansion for adults. Like all of his movies, the violence was too graphic for my taste.2. Make a Marc Jacobs-style necklace out of ribbon and coffee stirrers. Via.3. Scifi roleplaying in Moscow.*Previously: Life-sized Dead Space helmet.*Buy motorcycle helmets at eBay.

Win a copy of You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation

February 15 was the 25th anniversary of The Breakfast Club, and to celebrate, I have one copy of Susannah Gora's book, You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation. Publisher's Weekly says:The phrase was coined by David Blum in the headline Hollywood's Brat Pack, heralding his cover story for the June 10, 1985, issue of New York magazine with its cover photo of Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson. The label stuck, Gora notes, and extended to describe other actors: Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, and Anthony Michael Hall. A former editor at Premiere, Gora guides the reader through the creation of the teen cinema of the 1980s, described by the American Film Institute as the cultural phenomenon which helped make us what we are today. To recall the era, she interviewed two dozen actors, plus the directors and producers behind the Brat Pack's memorable movies, including The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As Gora sees it, The films changed the way many young people looked at everything from class distinction to friendship, from love and sex to fashion and music. Writer-director John Hughes's ability to capture adolescent angst is highlighted. The 1980s youth films maintain their popularity on TV and DVDs, and Gora gives them near-encyclopedic, comprehensive coverage.The book's cover is by one of my favorites, Dave MacDowell, the companion site features various goodies, including streaming music from the movies, and the book itself is 42% off at Amazon.So, for a chance to win a copy, simply leave a comment on this post and make sure your comment includes your email. One comment per person, and I'm sorry, but this contest is only open to US residents. Your comment must be posted by 8:00 p.m. California time, this Sunday, February 28, 2010.And don't forget to participate in this month's art contest.
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