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Gorillaz model 1969 Camaro SS (link roundup)

Joining the Gorillaz fan club gets you various goodies including this Gorillaz model 1969 Camaro SS designed by Jamie Hewlett.And a few more links:1. Nike Destroyer Jacket made special for Manny Pacquiao. Via.2. Robot with an afro paper toy.3. Papercraft mimes.*Previously: 70 problems you should look for when buying a new Camaro.*Buy Gorillaz toys at eBay.

Giant Mario Bros. Coin Box (link roundup)

Any room instantly becomes more fun with a giant Mario Bros. item box.And a few more links:1. Monkey God illustration.2. Simon Page discusses his experience participating in the logo contests at Crowdspring. 3. Teaser images of new book cut illustrations by Thomas Allen.*Previously: Design contest for Chuck Palahniuk's next novel at Crowdspring.*Buy Nintendo toys at eBay.

Skateboard roundup

Black Doom decks by Mysterious Al.Rejected designs by John Gall.Hatshepsut decks by Pale Horse Designs on sale at Zazzle.Decks by Jason Limon on sale at Zazzle.Popesicle deck by Angryblue on sale here.A few of the skateboard decks featuring Andy Warhol's art on sale here. Via. *See more great skateboards here.*Buy skateboards at Amazon.

JK Rowling Barbie (link roundup)

One of a kind JK Rowling Barbie based on how Rowling looked when she accepted the Legion of Honor Award in France. Via.And a few more links:1. Wind in the Willows character designs by Colin Jack.2. JAW Cooper is looking for a drawing partner in Los Angeles.3. Evan Shaner is throwing in a free sketch with art purchases.*Previously: J.K. Rowling gives very specific answers to fans.*Buy vintage Barbies at eBay.

Samson versus a monster with laser eyes (and more)

My favorite covers from the Dark Horse solicitations for June 2010:Cover to Mighty Samson Archives Volume 1:In a radioactive, nuclear-ravaged future, Samson is born into a tribe of peaceful yet desperate people struggling to survive in the desolate city of N’Yark. Surrounded by hungry, wild creaturesâ€"creatively mutated and brought to life by Thorne and subsequent artistsâ€"and the more savage, selfish remnants of humanity, life is precarious at best for the tribe until Samson displays amazing powers. Discovering that young Samson is a mutant himself, his mother trains Samson to value life, and on her deathbed Samson vows “to protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil!” New edition and cover for Dave McKean's Cages.*Previously: Cookbook illustrated by Dave McKean.*Buy books illustrated by Dave McKean at Amazon.

Two masked girls

Girl with a gas mask by J.A.W. Cooper for an article in the LA Weekly about pollution in Los Angeles.Poster by Hugh D’Andrade for the 15th Annual Anarchist Book Fair. You can see more of the posters that he's created for the Fair here. Via.*Previously: Cooper's business cards.*Buy gas masks at eBay.

Super Punch Tarot: New Cards

The Wheel of Fortune by Myke Amend. See also: Steampunk airship desktop wallpapers. Visit his webstore.Ace of Cups by Chris Parks. See also: Monstrous platform shoes. Visit his webstore.Six of Coins by Katy Hargrove. See also: Darkstalkers paper toy. Visit her webstore.Knight of Wands by Dean Reeves. See also: Fairy tale fiascoes.Ace of Swords by Jacob Green. See also: Laser engraved periodic table.Four of Wands by Amy Martin. See also: Time travel posters.Two of Wands by John Leavitt. See also: An entire alphabet of scarlet letters.Eight of Swords by Rich Page. See also: Cheshire Cat.You can see the full tarot deck to date here. Also, I've begun receiving tarot card submissions from other artists, and am posting them here.*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.

Super Punch Interview: Chris

(Super Punch interviews are posted every Monday. Please read the bottom of this post if you'd like to participate.)Meet Chris:1. What is you idea of the perfect day?A perfect day would consist of a couple meals out, drinks after, and all my friends in one place. (Graduating sucked, everyone drifted.)2. Describe on of the best moments of your life:One of the best moments of my life was my sister's wedding. It was an amazing wedding, and full of happy tears and lots and lots of laughter. Plus my sister was married, which is just an incredible thing.3. What is your most common nightmare?I have lots of nightmares where I'm either pregnant or have a baby. Either way, terrifying. Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces, but like...sooo not ready.4. What are your three favorite possessions?Three things I would run into my burning house to save are my cat, my HP mini, and my camera. In that order.5. What is your goal for 2010?My goal for 2010 is to find employment, and visit the friends that, as I mentioned, spread themselves out over these United States (and Europe. What is that about?)6. What superpower would you most like to have?I would most like to be able to teletransport. I love to travel, but it's expensive and it's hard to get schedules arranged. It would be so much nicer to be able to just go somewhere for a day trip. Plus you could exploit the power, by traveling between time zones and avoiding the dinner rush at restaurants. And it's super eco-friendly: teleportation uses ZERO fossil fuels. Think of it!*Previously: Read more Super Punch interviews here.*Buy condoms at Amazon.

This cake is the bomb (link rounudp)

Bomb cake by Heidi Kenney - - one of the decorations at a detective-themed party.And a few more links:1. Lots of new layout options for Blogger. 2. Proposed class action settlement against AT&T regarding DSL speeds. (I don't know about the speed, but I've been very happy with AT&T's reliability over the last several years.) Via.3. Outstanding photographs of insects taken with a scanning electron microscope by Steve Gschmeissner. Via.*Previously: Bomb-worshiping kids t-shirt.*Buy cake toppers at Amazon.

Big toy roundup

Toys that caught my eye over the last few weeks:Lost Planet mecha available for $35 each here. Revoltech No.086 Getter Robo Gou.Nathan Jurevicius' Minitreehouse Arkski 6-inch vinyl figures on sale at Tenacious Toys. Beachhead doll by Gentle Giant on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store.Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Alien Queen by Revoltech. Via.Glow in the dark "Gummie Girl LUMINUS" on sale here.Kick-Ass action figures by Mezco on sale at Entertainment Earth.Brandt Peters Carnies are on sale.Bubo Bobble Head on sale at Entertainment Earth.Bayonetta Kai, Bayonetta Jean, and Mass Effect action figures on sale at Entertainment Earth.Dr. Brain vinyl toy currently in production.Chibi Marvel capsule toys on sale here. Via these fine sites.*Buy gashapon at eBay.

Cthulhu Idol (link roundup)

Cthulhu statue by Tommy Poirier-Morissette. Via.And a few more links:1. Freakishly giant waves in the open sea have finally been documented. Via.2. Will Leitch is writing profiles of each major league baseball team. Here's the start of his profile of the Padres:Adrian Gonzalez was born to be a San Diego Padre. He was actually born in San Diego, went to high school in Chula Vista and has a rabid fanbase as the best Mexican baseball player alive. He loves it there. And why wouldn't he? San Diego is beautiful. Oh, and he's a fantastic hitter: The guy hit 40 homers in one of the most difficult hitting parks in the game and, somehow, led the major leagues in walks, though this is easier to do when the man hitting behind you is Kevin Kouzmanoff. The man is a stud and three quarters.And unless you're on the Spanish language Padres site, you'll barely find him anywhere among Padres promotional materials. He should be the main â€" the only, really â€" selling point for the Padres. He is the perfect Padre; the only thing he's missing is the last name "Gwynn." But Adrian Gonzalez is not on the promotional package because Adrian Gonzalez is going to be traded.3. Isolated house and blimp by Andy Helms.*Previously: Papercraft fertility idol.*Buy fertility idols at eBay.

Complicated wooden heart

Wooden clockwork heart by Juan Pablo Cambariere:I´ve just finished this job for Random House Mondadori, everything on it moves, and the lights switch on and off. It´s for promoting a great book called "La mécanique du coeur." The book should go where my puppet is now. *Previously: Heart-shaped wedding invitation.*Buy pocket watches at eBay.

Skateboarding in a spaceship

Nike's new shoe for skateboarder Omar Salazar is filled with space age materials, so they also created an appropriately futuristic half-pipe. You can see video of Oamr in action, download desktop wallpapers, and check out the shoes here. Via.*Previously: Guy skateboarding while wearing a homemade Max costume from where the Wild Things Are.*Buy skateboard collections at Amazon.

The Appleseed Cast concert posters (and more)

Concert posters by Kevin Tong and DKNG for The Appleseed Cast. The poster by Kevin is on sale here. The poster by DKNG, along with the posters you see below, are on sale here.And finally, here's a video showing the creation of the octopus poster:Via.*See more of my favorite concert posters here.*Buy concert posters at eBay.

New toys by Tristan Eaton (link roundup)

Some of the new toys revealed today by Thunderdog, which also recently placed items on sale at Zazzle.And a few more links:1. Spaghetti with Sardinian Bottarga recipe.2. North Tyneside is setting up fake store facades to make areas look less blighted. Via these sites.3. Psychonauts fan art.*Previously: Is your child a tagger?*The Psychonauts Official Strategy Guide is $599.99 at Amazon.

Living Between Worlds (link roundup)

Announcement for a the Living Between Worlds show at Gallery 1988, featuring the work of Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Via.And a few more links:1. Plush B-Movie monsters.2. John Martz posted two iPhone-sized wallpapers featuring his illustrations for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.3. In case you saw a report earlier today claiming that the CIA poisoned French people with LSD-laced bread, it's almost certainly not true.*Previously: Retired CIA master of disguises now makes silicone prosthetics for people with birth defects or missing features.*Buy Kathie Olivas toys at eBay.

Tickets to see Leerone at the House of Blues in Los Angeles

Leerone, who you can see in the ghostly video above, is playing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles this Saturday, March 13th at 7pm (18 and over show). She has a few tickets to give away, so email her at hello at leerone dot com if you can make it. Or, check out her site and webstore.*Buy concert posters at eBay.

Caffiend (link roundup)

Doodled-on coffee cup by Rex Crowle.And a few more links:1. Apparently Cayce Pollard from Pattern Recognition (my favorite travel book) is based on Xeni Jardin.2. Tonight's Adventure Time teaser was mathematical. (Zombie salaryman, giant mecha, hotdog princess, karate Lincoln, and more.)3. A senior Prada manager in Japan is suing Prada, claiming that the Prada Japan CEO forced her to fire or demote several workers because they were too unattractive. Via. *Previously: William Gibson's "footage."*Buy Pattern Recognition at Amazon. (I've read it three times.)

Ghostly animals and more at Copro Gallery

My favorites from Michael Page's "Return of the Nephilim" show at Copro Gallery:And these are a few highlights from the Hi-Fructose 5th Anniversary group art exhibition at Copro:Peace in the Garden by Ewelina Ferruso.Bad Feng Shui Cake by Scott Hove.Broken Slate by Junko Mizuno.Lee the Pink Sheep by Lori Earley.*Previously: World of Feng Shui.*Buy Hi-Fructose collections at Amazon.

Star Wars sketch cards by Brent Engstrom (link roundup)

Strung together, Brent Engstrom's 100 Empire Strikes Back widevision 3D sketch cards tell the entire movie. And a few more links:1. Plague doctors, secret cabals and more in Joe Alterio's manuscript pages.2. If you missed it, some woman apparently went Kanye at the Oscars.3. More Star Wars Galaxy 5 sketch cards by Katie Cook.*Previously: Plague Doctor Mask by Bob Basset.*Buy Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards at Amazon.

Rocket Dog (and more)

Three of today's new Threadless t-shirts:A Flying Dog in Outer Space by Ryder Doty, which I took the liberty of turning into a widescreen desktop wallpaper.Pants on fire.Self Portrait by Brian Cook and Piper Kirkby.And speaking of Brian Cook, here's a Threadless design currently up for voteIf you'd like the chance to buy Clip Art Hunter, vote by clicking on the voting widget:

Putting on a Big Sister costume (link roundup)

Photo gallery of a woman putting on a Big Sister costume for College Humor's Bioshock video.And a few more links:1. Penelope Trunk: "High achievers don't have failures because they can learn from everything."2. A look at student election posters (pdf). Via.3. Mythbusters' Adam Savage details his quest to create a perfect replica of Rick Deckard's pistol in Blade Runner.*Previously: Blade Runner spinner t-shirt. *Buy Bioshock toys at eBay.

Wargames t-shirt (link roundup)

Coming soon from Last Exit to Nowhere, a new Wargames-inspired t-shirt. Also, they have a new contest where the prize is a year's supply of their t-shirts.And a few more links:1. Great interview at Boing Boing with Jake Adelstein, a Jewish American reporter, who writes about the Yakuza. He's becoming a Buddhist Priest:I've got a lot of yakuza friends and cop friends and reporter friends. They all die early. It would be nice to be able to do their funerals for them.2. A look at the benefits and difficulties of writing a legal blog (pdf). Via.3. Buy a water color doodle by Rex Crowle to help Haiti.*Previously: Yakuza flash drive.*Buy Japanese Tattoo Collections at Amazon.

Jesus Fish/Ray Gun stickers (link roundup)

Jesus Fish/Ray Gun stickers by Travis Pitts on sale at Etsy.And a few more links:1. Strange experiment at Gawker. Most (all?) of their blogs switched to partial rss feeds, but also made full feeds available. Just a test to see how many people would bother switching over? Here's the new full feeds:Lifehacker: so on.2. A Michigan school district was ordered to pay $800,000 to a student who was bullied for years. Via.3. Batman as Venom illustration.*Previously: Ghostbusters versus Jesus.*Buy Gustave Dore's illustrated Bible at Amazon.

Ribbon Hero - - a video game that teaches how to use Microsoft Office

Unless this is a sophisticated joke, you can now download "Ribbon Hero," a game that teaches you how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You get points by completing regular activities, and can also participate in challenges. Here's an essay about the project. Maybe the money and time would have been better spent designing more obvious interfaces? Via. *Previously: Jesse Schell describes the near future, where every moment of your life is part of a video game.*Buy The Soul of a New Machine at Amazon.

Hot rod spaceships (link roundup)

Hot rod spaceships by Garry Mike David. Via.And a few more links:1. Naked, elongated man by Frederick Fontenoy. Via these sites.2. Funny Fark headline:British Chinook pilot hit between eyes by bullet over Afghanistan, flies damaged aircraft back to base, lands safely, lives, and all this with huge brass balls weighing helicopter down.Here's the article.3. The LA Times: "In what could be the ultimate marine smack-down, great white sharks off the California coast may be migrating 1,600 miles west to do battle with creatures that rival their star power: giant squids."*Previously: A Hot Rod Shopping Cart That Seats 5?*Buy toy hot rods at eBay.

Making money in the new world

1. The Atlantic dramatically altered the way it shows content to deemphasize its bloggers and promote its brand instead. Readers hated it. The bloggers hated it. So they more or less reverted to the way things were within a single working day. 2. Giant Robot has so far raised $20,000, or a third of the total said to be needed to keep producing the magazine for the next year. 3. Roger Ebert wants to charge people money for the privilege of reading his reviews.4. Ars Technica is sad that its readers use ad blockers to block its annoying ads.5. Working as a lawyer doing insurance defense in New York sounds so miserable that maybe the fact that the jobs are being outsourced to India is a blessing.6. Meanwhile, Vice magazine, and its ad house Virtue, is making a killing developing marketing plans for its clients.*Buy News, Nudity & Nonsense: The Best of Vice Magazine Vol. II 2003-2008 at Amazon.

Postcard aution to benefit war orphans

A sampling of the 166 postcards currently being auctioned at eBay to benefit Sierra Leone war orphans:Here's the project's official description: As an extension of the documentary BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT, Copper Pot Pictures has paired with Schools for Salone to hold an online art auction to benefit kids in need in Sierra Leone and New York. The auction includes over 150 pieces created by some of the top names in animation as well as children’s book, graphic novel and comic illustration, including Oscar-winning director Chris Wedge, Toy Story 3 Art Director Daisuke Tsutsumi, renowned illustrator Peter DeSeve and legendary Sesame Street puppeteer Caroll "Big Bird" Spinney. Each artist was given a blank birchwood postcard and asked to create a unique work based on the theme, “PEN PALS.” All proceeds will be used to build a school for war orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone and to develop a library for at-risk youth in Brooklyn.You can see all of the cards at eBay.

Super Punch Interview: Chris Furniss

(Super Punch interviews are posted every Monday. Please read the bottom of this post if you'd like to participate.)Meet Chris Furniss:1. What is your idea of the perfect day? Spending some time in the kitchen cooking something amazing with my lady while listening to a few albums on vinyl. Then playing video games or watching a great TV show. I have the weekend habits of a hibernating bear. 2. Describe one of the best moments in your life: My life is a series of amazing moments. It's hard to just pick one! I'm pretty lucky. 3. What is your most common nightmare? Either the one where all my teeth fall out, or the one where I'm in college and I get to the end of the year before I realize I've forgotten to attend a class I signed up for, and I failed it. 4. What are your three favorite possessions? My iPhone, my Xbox 360 and my record player. 5. What is your goal for 2010? Finally get around to putting on an art show with my little sister. 6. What super power would you most like to have?The power to fly! No, invisibility! Wait, telekinesis! Uggh I can't decide. My super power would be the ability to decide which super power is the best.*Previously: Read more Super Punch interviews here.*Buy Magic 8 Balls at Amazon.

Rogue wave takes out spectators (video roundup)

Rogue wave takes out spectators at Mavericks surf contest. Via.Zebra on the loose in Atlanta.Creepy turtle terrorizes Japanese girls in this ad for Sours. Via.Lots of cuteness in Behemoth's new game Battleblock Theater.Sir Ian McKellan explains acting to Rickey Gervais.*Previously: Brain Wave sofa.*Buy vintage surf posters at eBay.

1937 BMW 328 Mille Miglia (link roundup)

See more photos of the 1937 BMW 328 Mille Miglia here.And a few more links:1. Embarrassing signs held up at last week's school funding protests.2. Teaser image of a plush jackalope designed by Amanda Visell.3. New Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids designs by Brent Engstrom.*Previously: Calvin and Hobbes and Mola Ram as Garbage Pail Kids.*Buy Mille Miglias at eBay.

Venetian House (link roundup)

Venetian House by Jago Silver. See also: Tea; monster.And a few more links:1. Nazi octopus mecha.2. Roundup of the best NBA writing from 2009.3. Fireman's boots that leave a glowing footprints to create an easy to follow path.*Previously: Glow in the dark Ben Franklin t-shirt.*Buy glow in the dark toys at Amazon.

Disturbing photo shoot for a bed (link roundup)

Photos for a bed designed by Mkloker Design. Via.And a few more links:1. Win comic books from Chris Samnee.2. Apparently, the only difference between the "Healthy" Campbell's soup and regular version is that the "Healthy"version costs more.3. Maleficent fan art.*Previously: Footage of the monster under your bed.*Buy Maleficent collectibles at eBay.

The Birds and the Bees Art Contest: Shane Parker

Two entries by Shane Parker for this month's Penny Arcade sex comic remix contest. Go here if you missed the announcement. There are four prizes up for grabs this month. Today's also the last day to try to win a copy of You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried.*Buy Penny Arcade collections at Amazon.

Energy Drink Packaging (link roundup)

Great design for an energy drink can by Devon Drumm. Via.And a few more links:1. Conan O'Brien decided to follow a supposedly random person on Friday: I've decided to follow someone at random. She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change.2. Read these allegations about Mark Zuckerberg if you trust Facebook with information you want to keep private.3. For my favorite reader: a Maltese.*Previously: Steven Seagal's energy drink.*Buy Maltese calendars at Amazon.

King Kong goes to McDonald's (advertising roundup)

King Kong and Darth Vader go to McDonald's in these ads by BETC Euro RSCG.Luggage carts with people in wheelchairs by Age to promote ADD (Sporting Association for the Disabled).The pixels' Last Supper by JWT for Suraj Electronics.Rims/daily calendar by Saatchi to promote Keskin rims.Face door hangers by Saatchi to promote designer doors.*Previously: Curious George/King Kong mashup.*Buy King Kong toys at eBay.

Goodnight Forest Moon

Noah Dziobecki created a dead on Star Wars-themed version of Goodnight Moon, called Goodnight Forest Moon. You can download the book here. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention Greg. It's such a great tip that I'm sending you a Threadless credit.*Previously: African poster for Ewoks: The Battle For Endor.*Buy Ewoks at eBay.

Intel's Dual-Core Monster (link roundup)

Two-headed monster logo by Arlo for Intel.And a few more links:1. Thinking of printing your own art book? Read about Daniel Davis' experience here.2. Popcap is giving away Peggle Nights if you sign up for their new frequent shopper program.3. Bacon Cheese Turtleburger. Via.*Previously: Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle.*Buy unusual bacon goods at Amazon.

Super Punch Tarot: Four More Cards

Seven of Wands by Heather Hudson. See also: Her blog. Visit her webstore.Queen of Swords by Eric Orchard. See also: Classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters.Three of Swords by Brigid Ashwood. See also: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Munnys. Visit her webstore. Knight of Cups illustration by Timothy Lim, layout by Jean-Luc Pham. See also: Peanuts/Sin City mashup.You can see the full tarot deck to date here.*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.

Tip jar filled with water (link roundup)

Adding a little water to a tip jar adds low-tech mystery and security.And a few more links:1. It's looking like Google's Knol is a failure. I gotta say - - I'm surprised. I figured people who felt compelled to write Wikipedia entries, would be even more eager to earn a little adsense money.2. There's a cute surprise waiting at the bottom of the Neatorama main page (wait for the site to fully load).3. Father/daughter drawings of Storm.*Previously: Clever signs on tip jars.*Buy sketch cards at eBay.

You can be Jewish and study karate (link roundup)

You can be Jewish and study karate via these sites.And a few more links:1. Relatedly, Neil Gaiman responds to an article asking Why There Is No Jewish Narnia.2. Reporters hired by the Church of Scientology to investigate the St. Petersburg Times express disappointment with the way their report is being portrayed by the Church. Via.3. I haven't forgotten to announce the winners of last months two giveaways, I've actually contacted all the winners, but I'm waiting to hear back from two people. If I haven't heard from them by 5:00 a.m. this Friday, I'll pick two substitute winners.*Previously: Advertisement for Chuck Norris' Action Jeans. *Buy karate patches at eBay.

Piano Table (link roundup)

Table with a hidden piano inside, designed by Georg Bohle. Via these sites.And a few more links:1. Clash of the Titans: Clash Harder looks terrible, so it's nice to hear that Tarsem's version is moving forward.2. Another excellent homemade Big Daddy doll.3. The Tron viral campaign/scavenger hunt has started.*Previously: Tron dog.*Buy Tron toys at eBay.

Narwhals love donuts (link roundup)

Narwhal and donuts print by Jamie Fales on sale at Etsy. Via.And a few more links:1. Mute Button pacifier on sale at Amazon. Via.2. Hellboy slot machine. Via these sites.3. Photo of people enthusiastically clapping. (In case you ever have need for such a photo.)*Previously: Meet Swoopoo, a cross between eBay and slot machines.*Buy Hellboy toys at eBay.

Dante's Inferno Ad Campaign Celebration

To celebrate the ad campaign it crafted for the Dante's Inferno video game, which included ghoulish creations like this:Wieden+Kennedy is having a party this Thursday in Portland:Oh how I hope the Super Punch audience is the target demographic for their next client.*Previously: Here's how the Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo office dressed for Halloween.*Buy Sandow Birk's modern Dante's Inferno at Amazon.

Plush Wonder Woman (link roundup)

Plush Wonder Woman by Karin Yamagiwa Madan, who has various items on sale at Etsy.And a few more links:1. HBO picked up the first season of Game of Thrones. Most excited I've ever been about a tv show. 2. Green Eggs and Ham cookies.3. SciFi Crusader illustration by Dave Greco.*Previously: Dr. Seuss commercials for Ford.*Buy Dr. Seuss' WW2 propaganda collection at Amazon.

Google Monster

Google Monster by Asaf Hanuka for an article in California Lawyer about groups protesting Google's plan to scan every book.Speaking of Google, my family took advantage of the $50 Droid deal at Amazon. We ordered it Saturday, it showed up yesterday, and activation was easy over the phone. (We're longtime Verizon customers, but the Verizon store apparently had no ability to match the price.) It's really my wife's phone, but I'll let you know how it goes. You can order your own here.*Previously: Daycare at Google costs $29000 a year.*Buy Asaf Hanuka books at Amazon.

Redesigned Hot Dog

Fast Company asked RKS Design to design a hot dog that wasn't likely to cause choking deaths. This article explains how they came up with the design seen above. Via these sites.And a few more links:1. Lifehacker's Top 10 Android Apps. The Droid is still $50 at Amazon.2. There's been more looting in Chile than in Haiti. Is that a bad thing, or does it indicate Chile is the healthier country?3. Mythbuster Grant Imahara threw down this challenge to Craig Ferguson:I hear you are looking for a robot sidekick. I think I can help... for a price: get me 100,000 followers. If you can!Less than a day later he's over 100,000.*Previously: Plush hot dogs.*Buy Mythbusters books at Amazon.

Android Lincoln

Cover for Philip K. Dick's We Can Build You. The product description at Amazon says: Louis Rosen and his partners sell people--ingeniously designed, historically authentic simulacra of personages such as Edwin M. Stanton and Abraham Lincoln. The problem is that the only prospective buyer is a rapacious billionaire whose plans for the simulacra could land Louis in jail. Then there's the added complication that someone--or something--like Abraham Lincoln may not want to be sold.Is an electronic Lincoln any less alive than his creators? Is a machine that cares and suffers inferior to the woman Louis loves--a borderline psychopath who does neither? With irresistible momentum, intelligence, and wit, Philip K. Dick creates an arresting techno-thriller that suggests a marriage of Bladerunner and Barbarians at the Gate. Alas, I didn't see this particular cover at eBay or Amazon.*Previously: Philip K. Dick book cover gallery.*Buy Blade Runner toys at eBay.

DJ Delta (link roundup)

Big Daddy DJ by Juan Pablo Forero. See also: Big Daddy and Little Sister doll.And a few more links:1. Desktop wallpaper-sized screenshot of Rapture during an underwater scene in Bioshock 2.2. I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating - - french fries are shockingly bad for you. Via.3. Ahsoka Tano fan art by Dan Hipp. *Previously: Bioshock 2 video playthrough.*Buy Bioshock toys at eBay.

More Super Punch Tarot Cards

Four more cards in the Super Punch Tarot. You can see the full deck to date here.Links are to the artists' sites, webstores, and iconic post.The Moon by Miss Monster. Webstores. Brutal Legend cosplay.Queen of Wands by Cormac McEvoy. Plush hat monsters.Six of Cups by Jerrod Maruyama. Kawaii Jabba and Slave Leia.Seven of Swords by Jack Rossi. Wii Proton Pack.*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.

Visible sonic boom (video roundup)

Rocket passes through ice crystals, creates visible sonic boom (two minutes in). Via.Soccer commentator faints during broadcast (30 seconds in).Pro Kayak Angler Drew Gregory gets attacked by a goose. Via.Shaun White watches his X-Games wipeout with Letterman. (Crash at 2:26.)Caleb Moore shows off some incredible tricks on a snowmobile.*Previously: Crate Men Attack Australia.*Buy Olympics posters at eBay.

Fair use?

These book-cut illustrations are by Thomas Allen, one of my favorite artists:Over the weekend, I spotted these ads at Ads of the World, and assumed they were by Thomas. They're not.I contacted Thomas to ask about them. He was outraged and investigated. The responses from the advertising company, which claims fair use, and their "client" offer a fascinating look into the world of advertising competitions.*Previously: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Thomas Allen.*Buy Thomas Allen: Uncovered at Amazon.

Let me share my pre-Super Punch collections with you

This month marks three years of Super Punch. Last year at this time, I shared my tips for starting a blog. For this anniversary, I decided to share a bit from my pre-Super Punch collections. You see, I've basically been writing this blog my entire life. The first version of Super Punch was pages torn out of National Geographic and Sports Illustrated and taped to my bedroom wall. Soon, I graduated to collecting baseball cards. Like everyone else my age, I was excited to acquire Chris Sabo and Gregg Jeffries rookie cards. But what I really liked was cards with funny or striking imagery - - the oddities. Below are a few I still have. Eventually, I started creating my own art books, filling journals with magazine and newspaper clippings. I read everything from Road & Track to EGM to Oprah to Maxim - - anything people were willing to part with. My favorite days of the year were when ID's and Print's year-end design reviews came out. Below are a few pages from my journals, chosen simply because those were the pages the books would stay open to while I snapped photos:Pretty much just my blog in book form, right?I started writing Super Punch shortly after my second son was born, partly for fun, partly in the hopes of making money, and mostly because it was one of the few things I could do in my spare time. Back then, my free time was when my boys were napping, or falling asleep. I couldn't watch television, because the noise would have woken them in the next room (and I don't really like television, anyway). And I couldn't play video games or read, because those activities require periods of unbroken concentration, and it's tough to concentrate when every ten minutes someone is crying or wants to use the bathroom or both.So, I websurfed and blogged - - something I could do in extremely short bits of time. Check out how short my posts used to be. As my boys have gotten older, I increasingly enjoy larger chunks of free time (although most of my posts are still drafted at breakneck speed). And I've tried to use that time to experiment more with my site, by hosting art contests, writing the Super Punch interview, and organizing a very special project that I'll announce in my next post.So, thanks for sharing my hobby. And an extra thanks to anyone who has ever clicked on an ad or bought something through an affiliate link. I think you're going to enjoy the project I'm about to announce.

Introducing the Super Punch Tarot

I'll talk about the project below. But first, the good stuff - - enjoy the first 17 cards of the Super Punch Tarot. Links are to the artists' sites, webstores, and to a classic post or creation of theirs.Major ArcanaThe Fool by Adam Koford. Webstore. Star Wars and Pixar Twitter avatars.The Priestess by Tom Whalen. Adventure Time travel poster.The Chariot by Doktor A. Webstore. Steampunk vinyl toys.Strength by Franco Brambilla. Webstore. Vintage postcards meet Star Wars. Death by Patricio Oliver. Webstores. Cucos vinyl toys.The Devil by Dan Hipp. Amazon.Gyakushu!The Tower by M.S. Corley. Webstore. A Series of Unfortunate Events book covers.The World by Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Webstore. Google products explained.Coins/PentaclesTwo of Coins by Kenn Munk. Webstore. Tagging Legoland.Knight of Pentacles by Brandon Schaefer. Webstore. Blade Runner and Ghostbusters movie posters.WandsAce of Wands by Eric Wirjanata. Webstore. Madman paper toy.King of Wands by Nancy Dorsner. Webstore. Cookie Monster-slaying babe.Cups/HeartsPage of Cups by Dan Goodsell. Webstores. The Watchmen as food.Queen of Hearts by Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Webstore.King of Cups by Dave Perillo. Webstore. Goonies postcard.SwordsPage of Swords by Lucy Knisley. Webstore. Lucy talks to her younger self.King of Swords by Shane Parker. Team Fortress 2 Spy Mighty Mugg.So, about this project. I wanted to do something special for the third anniversary of Super Punch, and three weeks or so ago, the idea popped into my head of inviting my favorite artists to create tarot cards. Other than reading Promethea, I knew very little about tarot cards, so I got up to speed courtesy of Wikipedia. I then went about contacting artists and matching them to cards.Below is the full list of participating artists. I expect that the deck will be complete by the end of April. If you've been inspired by what you've seen above, then by all means, please send me your own tarot card. I plan on posting the cards in the Super Punch tarot, and any additional submissions I get, at the Endless Deck.You can find a card template here, and see sample tarot cards here, here, and here.I (The Magician) · Daniel DavisII (The High Priestess) · Tom WhalenIII (The Empress) · Rex CrowleIV (The Emperor) · Joe AlterioV (The Hierophant / The Pope) · Eliza GaugerVI (The Lovers) · Bethalynne BajemaVII (The Chariot) · Doktor A.VIII (Justice) · Roman LaneyIX (The Hermit) · Thomas AllenX (Wheel of Fortune) · Myke AmendXI (VIII) (Strength) · Franco BrambillaXII (The Hanged Man) · J.SheaXIII (Death) · Patricio OliverXIV (Temperance) · Meghan JeanXV (The Devil) · Dan HippXVI (The Tower) · M.S. CorleyXVII (The Star) · Mike MaihackXVIII (The Moon) · Miss MonsterXIX (The Sun) · Simon PageXX (Judgment) · Travis PittsXXI (The World) · Stéphane Massa-BidalXXII (The Fool) â€" Adam KofordCoinsAce · Joseph GameTwo · Kenn MunkThree · Aaron MillerFour · Squink!Five · Justin Van GenderenSix · Katy HargroveSeven · Anneka TranEight · Tyler LandryNine · Sven RuthnerTen · Brent EngstromPage · Beast BrothersKnight · Brandon SchaeferQueen · Kat BrunnegraffKing · Rosemary TravaleWandsAce · Eric WirjanataTwo · John LeavittThree · San SmithFour · Amy MartinFive · JeromSix · Kate LoganSeven · Heather HudsonEight · Dragan KovacevicNine · Brent NolascoTen · Jesse PhilipsPage · Katie CookKnight · Dean ReevesQueen · Cormac McEvoyKing · Nancy DorsnerCupsAce · Chris ParksTwo · Casey WeldonThree · Renee BiertempfelFour · Annabelle HartmannFive · Santiago CarusoSix · Jerrod MaruyamaSeven · Edén Ochoa Iniesta Eight · Matt SinorNine · Meghan MurphyTen · Dave MacDowellPage · Dan GoodsellKnight · Timothy LimQueen · Stéphane Massa-BidalKing · Dave PerilloSwordsAce · Jacob GreenTwo · Joel CarrollThree · Brigid AshwoodFour · Mindy LeeFive · Noah Z. JonesSix · Geoff TrappSeven · Jack RossiEight · Rich PageNine · Mario GraciottiTen · Daniel ElsonPage · Lucy KnisleyKnight · Jason ChalkerQueen · Eric OrchardKing · Shane Parker*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.

Super Punch Interview: Rob Bricken

(Super Punch interviews are posted every Monday. Please read the bottom of this post if you'd like to participate.)Meet Rob Bricken:(Rob with Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero from The Room.)1. What is your idea of the perfect day?As a professional nerd blogger, it might shock you to know that I am rather sedentary. My perfect day is one of leisure, starting with coffee and a DVD. I’d manage to escape my house for a lunch out with my wife, then back for more videogames but this time with a few afternoon cocktails. I might relax then with a book or perhaps a nap, then, I’d most enjoy having some friends over for â€" wait for it â€" movies and videogames. I love showing friends my favorites movies they haven’t seen, and I also love playing Beatles Rock Band with a group. I would happily cook or order food, but most importantly, I’d mix drinks for a long evening of drunken pop culture enjoyment. Astonishing, eh?2. Describe one of the best moments in your life:Meeting Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax’s Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. They are my idols, and, as I told them, anything I have ever written and or said that has been at all funny was almost certainly something I stole from them. They were gracious, put up with my star-struck jabbering, let me take a picture with them, and even said they read Topless Robot. I was on top of the world.3. What is your most common nightmare?I have two nightmares which recur with shockingly regularity. One is where my wife and I take my cat somewhere wholly inappropriate, like Russia, he gets loose and I chase him for hours across unknown terrain. The second is where, due to some clerical error, I have to repeat a year of high school at age 32. I hated high school.4. What are your three favorite possessions?1) My 50-inch Panasonic Viera TV. Since 90% of my time not sleeping or working is spent watching movies or playing videogames, I adore my large, beautiful and still reasonably priced TV.2) My collection of 2002 Masters of the Universe figures. I love He-Man, and the Four Horsemen’s reinterpretation is my favorite toyline of all time. Is it cheating to pick an entire toyline? It’s probably cheating, isn’t it? Well, I don’t care. I have them all displayed in one location, so I could grab them in one armful if necessary.3) My original English translation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. It was made for some “Learn English through your favorite novels” series for Japanese people, and yet I find it superior to the later approved translation. I paid $400 for it, and I don’t regret a penny.5. What is your goal for 2011?As a professional nerd blogger, I cannot possibly conceive of life that far ahead. I suppose that I will make myself suitably useful to our inevitable alien overlords. Or, if an alien invasion doesn’t happen, that I halt my body’s general progression â€" thanks to innate laziness and my professional blogging lifestyle â€" into a large, sentient sphere of flesh.6. What super power would you most like to have?I would like the ability to pause time â€" well, for everything but myself, of course. I don’t need to travel through time or space, just pause it to get more stuff done â€" specifically, videogames, books, movies, and naps.*Previously: Read more Super Punch interviews here.*Buy Haruki Murakami books at Amazon.

My new favorite super team (link roundup)

My new favorite super team via these sites.And a few more links:1. Manet vs. Monet boxing-style poster.2. Interesting advertisement - - Mark Frauenfelder is taking a paid roadtrip to promote the Buick LaCrosse.3. Los Angeles is going to investigate reports that the MTA has "spent more than $34 million litigating one case over the last 15 years -- even though the most the agency could win in damages would be about half that sum."*Previously: Meet the Jamaican ski team.*Buy plush kangaroos at eBay.

Going Going Gone's exquisitie corpse project

A few of the completed bits submitted to Going Going Gone's Red exquisite corpse project to benefit a children's hospice in London. The art will be auctioned off at the end of March. The pieces above are by Mr. Bingo, Paul Bommer, and Andy Smith.*Previously: Exquisite corpse book project.*Buy The Exquisite Corpse: Chance and Collaboration in Surrealism's Parlor Game at Amazon.

Much more Alice

A small sampling of my favorite pieces from the Alice in Wonderland show at Gallery Nucleus. There are 63 works of art in all, and if you dress up for the opening, you can win an art print. Links below are to the artists' personal sites.Marmite SueLee WhiteWilliam StoutHiromi SatoMary Ann LicudineCory GodbeyNaoto HattoriSarah CaterisanoBill CarmanLorelay Bove*Buy Alice in Wonderland toys at eBay.

Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt (Threadless roundup)

Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt by Skylar Hogan (the cat appears in daylight) on sale at Threadless.And speaking of Threadless, here's a few shirts up for vote. If you'd like the chance to buy them, click on the voting widgets.Turtle and Hare by Eliude ValverdeYoshi vs. Donkey Kong by Bocognani FlorentHappy burger and donut by Joel Parsons*Previously: Two Cheshire Cats.*Buy Cheshire Cat toys at eBay.

Light sculptures (link roundup)

Big gallery of light sculptures by Gustavo Sanabria.And a few more links:1. There's still hope that John Clayton has a ponytail? (I so want it to be true.)2. Comic Book Legends Revealed takes a look at a comic book that really traumatized me.3. An allegation that Variety killed a bad movie review in exchange for $400,000.*Previously: Chris Burden's Urban Light.*Buy glow in the dark toys at Amazon.

Rocketeer art (link roundup)

One of two Rocketeer images by Mihajlo Dimitrovski.And a few more links:1. Poster for Funk Bowl, a bowling event in New York.2. Slick Nick Fury pinup by Evan Shaner.3. Nightline looks at celebrity chefs who have lost a lot of weight, including Nate Appleman, who starred on the most recent season of Next Iron Chef.*Previously: The Rocketeer vs The Zeppelin Thief.*Buy Nick Fury toys at eBay.

Syd Mead-esque parking lot (link roundup)

Syd Mead-esque parking lot by Rasmus Poulsen.And a few more links:1. As of this weekend, my rss feed updates much faster than it used to. If there's someone out there responsible, thanks very much. I have noticed.2. Remember when Batman kicked the Joker so hard in the head that his head exploded?3. Deep sea diver illustration.*Previously: Blade Runner by Ben Templesmith.*Buy Blade Runner posters at eBay.

Samus taking off her armor (link roundup)

Samus by Sung Jin Ahn.And a few more links:1. Relatedly, Metroid: Other M sounds excellent.2. Somebody is targeting members of Hemet's gang task force (in California).3. Kawaii versions of the Incredibles.4. Bad week for Kevin Smith, now he's using Twitter to complain about a C- his movie Cop Out received from Entertainment Weekly. Shucks, his movie is either horrendous, or he needs to sue the marketer for crafting such unwatchable advertisements. *Previously: Samus cosplay.*Buy Metroid toys at eBay.

Pikachu crushed ice machine (link roundup)

Pikachu crushed ice machine - - because who wouldn't enjoy dessert expelled from a yellow rodent. Via.And a few more links:1. Looks like the next Project Rooftop redesign contest is Black Canary. 2. Dave Perillo's submission for the upcoming show at Gallery 1988 is "Baseball Mascots Through the Ages."3. Suddenly, I'm very interested in author John Twelve Hawks. Reputable sources have suggested that he's actually Stephen King, or Michael Chabon, or James Frey. *Previously: Pikachu paper toy.*Buy John Twelve Hawks books at Amazon.

Buzz Lightyear as a real man (link roundup)

Buzz Lightyear as a real man by Raoni Nery. Via.And a few more links:1. Thriller and Indiana Jones sketch cards by Brett Engstrom, who charges $40 for a color sketch card.2. An ancient temple was found in Turkey - - it predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture.3. Apparently, NBA player Marquis Daniels had a pendant made in his own likeness. It's covered with black, white and cognac diamonds.*Previously: Skull watch and pendant by Marc Jacobs.*Buy sketch cards at eBay.

Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster (link roundup)

Manga-style Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster by Eric Tan for the upcoming Gallery 1988 sports-themed show.And a few more links:1. GM is going to discontinue Hummer. Seems like only yesterday that GM was able to demand that car dealerships build dedicated Hummer showrooms. Via.2. In many ways, our bodies are terribly suited for modern life. For example:For long stretches of history, the average woman had only about 100 menstrual cycles in her lifetime, because frequent pregnancies and breastfeeding kept her from menstruating. A typical woman today has 400 cycles, creating more stress on her ovaries and subjecting her breasts to more hormonal swings.Via.3. There's still time to participate in this month's art contest, or to comment and win a book.*Previously: Four Horseman poster for the Gallery 1988 show.*Buy Mike Tyson toys at eBay.

Lady Midakko and Pennagolan (link roundup)

As I understand it, this is a Lady Midakko and Pennagolan miniature, painted by Sébastien Picque, from the game Okko. Japanese demons are the coolest. Via.And a few more links:1. And here I was so looking forward to football coverage - - John Clayton apparently does not have a pony tail. Thanks, Phil.2. Don't mess with this Little Red Riding Hood.3. Arakune paper toy (from BlazBlue).*At Toycutter: Lots of tutorials on painting miniatures.*Buy Little Red Riding Hood toys at eBay.

Alice in Wonderland by Olly Moss (link roundup)

Alice in Wonderland by Olly Moss for Empire.And a few more links:1. The Motorola Droid is $50 with a Verizon plan at Amazon.2. Detailed review of the DiGiorno Cheese & Tomato 200 Calorie Portions frozen pizzas.3. Joel Johnson details in vivid detail the sexual molestation he was a victim of.4. Relatedly, "The executive director of Napa State Hospital, a Northern California mental institution that treats child sexual offenders, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of molesting his adopted son for more than a decade."*Previously: Disappearing Cheshire Cat t-shirt. *Buy Alice in Wonderland toys at eBay.

Business card for an audio-visual tech (link roundup)

Business card and yo La Tengo poster by Justin LaFontaine.And a few more links:1. A whale was spotted floating 25 miles off shore in Vietnam. Whales are revered there, so it was towed in by 10 boats worth of fisherman for a burial. 10,000 people have paid last respects to his "Excellency." Via.2. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has a syringe collecting program, and so far it seems that it's been a bug success - - the boxes are routinely filled to the brim. However, the nature of the syringes strongly indicates that they're not being dropped off by frightened junkies; they're being dumped by medical clinics.3. Katie Cook posted the cards she created for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 card set.*Previously: Pulp-style Star Wars art for the Galaxy 5 set.*Buy Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards at eBay.

Blue Wizard is down on his luck (link roundup)

Panhandling Blue Wizard by Jeremy Tinder for the upcoming Game Over show at Giant Robot.And a few more links:1. There's a seemingly neverending collection of Adventure Time fan art at The Autumn Society. 2. Sea World Orlando is apparently home to a serial-killing killer whale. "Sold to SeaWorld as a stud in 1992, the whale was involved in a second incident when authorities discovered the body of a naked homeless man lying across his back in July 1999."3. Almost time for March MODOK Madness.4. Tomorrow, you'll have a chance of getting tickets to see Tron footage (I guess).*Previously: Klingon panhandler.*Buy MODOK toys at eBay.

Secret messages hidden in the Bioshock 2 special edition posters (link roundup)

The mini-posters that come with the Bioshock 2 special edition reveal secret messages when shown under a blacklight.And a few more links:1. This headline sounds like the start of a joke: "Car crashes into Lee Strasberg acting studio in West Hollywood."2. Detailed video analysis showing how Rajon Rondo's gambling on defense sometimes hurts the Celtics. I wish ESPN did more of this and less talking heads yelling about respecting the game and being a leader. Via. 3. The Smoking Gun rounded up complaints made against New Jersey toll collectors (including sexual come-ons, profanity, and plain bizarre behavior).*Previously: Bioshock wine bottles.*Buy Bioshock toys at eBay.

Colorful motorcycle helmet (link roundup)

Colorful motorcycle helmet based on a lace pattern by Snow & Graham.And a few more links:1. Thumbs up for Shutter Island: I've heard it described as Scorsesee's love letter to Hitchcock, and that's pretty accurate. It's also a bit like a trip through a haunted mansion for adults. Like all of his movies, the violence was too graphic for my taste.2. Make a Marc Jacobs-style necklace out of ribbon and coffee stirrers. Via.3. Scifi roleplaying in Moscow.*Previously: Life-sized Dead Space helmet.*Buy motorcycle helmets at eBay.

Win a copy of You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation

February 15 was the 25th anniversary of The Breakfast Club, and to celebrate, I have one copy of Susannah Gora's book, You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation. Publisher's Weekly says:The phrase was coined by David Blum in the headline Hollywood's Brat Pack, heralding his cover story for the June 10, 1985, issue of New York magazine with its cover photo of Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, and Judd Nelson. The label stuck, Gora notes, and extended to describe other actors: Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, and Anthony Michael Hall. A former editor at Premiere, Gora guides the reader through the creation of the teen cinema of the 1980s, described by the American Film Institute as the cultural phenomenon which helped make us what we are today. To recall the era, she interviewed two dozen actors, plus the directors and producers behind the Brat Pack's memorable movies, including The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. As Gora sees it, The films changed the way many young people looked at everything from class distinction to friendship, from love and sex to fashion and music. Writer-director John Hughes's ability to capture adolescent angst is highlighted. The 1980s youth films maintain their popularity on TV and DVDs, and Gora gives them near-encyclopedic, comprehensive coverage.The book's cover is by one of my favorites, Dave MacDowell, the companion site features various goodies, including streaming music from the movies, and the book itself is 42% off at Amazon.So, for a chance to win a copy, simply leave a comment on this post and make sure your comment includes your email. One comment per person, and I'm sorry, but this contest is only open to US residents. Your comment must be posted by 8:00 p.m. California time, this Sunday, February 28, 2010.And don't forget to participate in this month's art contest.
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