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Alien as a period romance (link roundup)

Alien in love by Jake Murray.And a few more links:1. Bill Simmons wrote a funny summary of the latest edition of Wrestlemania that included this gem:When WrestleMania XIV took place at the Boston Garden, I got press passes and brought my buddy Birdman with me. Michaels wrestled Steve Austin in the main event with Mike Tyson as the referee, but his back was profoundly messed up thanks to two herniated discs. There were rumors that the Heartbreak Kid might bow out. He didn't. During the match, you could see Michaels gritting and wincing through every bump. Austin pinned him for the title, then Tyson decked him with a right cross as the crowd went ballistic. They drank beers, toasted the crowd and left the ring. The event ended. Even the lights dimmed to signify things were done. Time to go home.Not yet. Birdman wanted to stick around to see how injured Michaels really was. He had been lying in the ring during the entire Tyson/Austin celebration, unable and unwilling to move. Once the event ended, Triple H (his best friend) and Chyna (their "valet") scurried over to help him backstage. With the cameras off and nobody watching, Michaels scraped himself off the canvas, then stood in place for a couple of minutes. Finally, the three of them started moving toward the exit -- slowly, painstakingly -- with HBK's arms draped around his two friends. Only then did we realize how much pain Michaels had endured.2. Subtle graphic for USC's recommendation that students die to escape their student debt.3. Great description of the huge cube-shaped skylight atop the Manhattan Apple store - - it creates a "ceremony of descent." Via.*Previously: Vintage comic book adaptation of Alien.*Find vintage Apple computers and collectibles at eBay.
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