Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster (link roundup)

Manga-style Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas poster by Eric Tan for the upcoming Gallery 1988 sports-themed show.And a few more links:1. GM is going to discontinue Hummer. Seems like only yesterday that GM was able to demand that car dealerships build dedicated Hummer showrooms. Via.2. In many ways, our bodies are terribly suited for modern life. For example:For long stretches of history, the average woman had only about 100 menstrual cycles in her lifetime, because frequent pregnancies and breastfeeding kept her from menstruating. A typical woman today has 400 cycles, creating more stress on her ovaries and subjecting her breasts to more hormonal swings.Via.3. There's still time to participate in this month's art contest, or to comment and win a book.*Previously: Four Horseman poster for the Gallery 1988 show.*Buy Mike Tyson toys at eBay.


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