Big toy roundup

Toys that caught my eye over the last few weeks:Lost Planet mecha available for $35 each here. Revoltech No.086 Getter Robo Gou.Nathan Jurevicius' Minitreehouse Arkski 6-inch vinyl figures on sale at Tenacious Toys. Beachhead doll by Gentle Giant on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store.Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Alien Queen by Revoltech. Via.Glow in the dark "Gummie Girl LUMINUS" on sale here.Kick-Ass action figures by Mezco on sale at Entertainment Earth.Brandt Peters Carnies are on sale.Bubo Bobble Head on sale at Entertainment Earth.Bayonetta Kai, Bayonetta Jean, and Mass Effect action figures on sale at Entertainment Earth.Dr. Brain vinyl toy currently in production.Chibi Marvel capsule toys on sale here. Via these fine sites.*Buy gashapon at eBay.


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