Cthulhu Idol (link roundup)

Cthulhu statue by Tommy Poirier-Morissette. Via.And a few more links:1. Freakishly giant waves in the open sea have finally been documented. Via.2. Will Leitch is writing profiles of each major league baseball team. Here's the start of his profile of the Padres:Adrian Gonzalez was born to be a San Diego Padre. He was actually born in San Diego, went to high school in Chula Vista and has a rabid fanbase as the best Mexican baseball player alive. He loves it there. And why wouldn't he? San Diego is beautiful. Oh, and he's a fantastic hitter: The guy hit 40 homers in one of the most difficult hitting parks in the game and, somehow, led the major leagues in walks, though this is easier to do when the man hitting behind you is Kevin Kouzmanoff. The man is a stud and three quarters.And unless you're on the Spanish language Padres site, you'll barely find him anywhere among Padres promotional materials. He should be the main â€" the only, really â€" selling point for the Padres. He is the perfect Padre; the only thing he's missing is the last name "Gwynn." But Adrian Gonzalez is not on the promotional package because Adrian Gonzalez is going to be traded.3. Isolated house and blimp by Andy Helms.*Previously: Papercraft fertility idol.*Buy fertility idols at eBay.


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