Making money in the new world

1. The Atlantic dramatically altered the way it shows content to deemphasize its bloggers and promote its brand instead. Readers hated it. The bloggers hated it. So they more or less reverted to the way things were within a single working day. 2. Giant Robot has so far raised $20,000, or a third of the total said to be needed to keep producing the magazine for the next year. 3. Roger Ebert wants to charge people money for the privilege of reading his reviews.4. Ars Technica is sad that its readers use ad blockers to block its annoying ads.5. Working as a lawyer doing insurance defense in New York sounds so miserable that maybe the fact that the jobs are being outsourced to India is a blessing.6. Meanwhile, Vice magazine, and its ad house Virtue, is making a killing developing marketing plans for its clients.*Buy News, Nudity & Nonsense: The Best of Vice Magazine Vol. II 2003-2008 at Amazon.


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