Super Punch Tarot: New Cards

The Wheel of Fortune by Myke Amend. See also: Steampunk airship desktop wallpapers. Visit his webstore.Ace of Cups by Chris Parks. See also: Monstrous platform shoes. Visit his webstore.Six of Coins by Katy Hargrove. See also: Darkstalkers paper toy. Visit her webstore.Knight of Wands by Dean Reeves. See also: Fairy tale fiascoes.Ace of Swords by Jacob Green. See also: Laser engraved periodic table.Four of Wands by Amy Martin. See also: Time travel posters.Two of Wands by John Leavitt. See also: An entire alphabet of scarlet letters.Eight of Swords by Rich Page. See also: Cheshire Cat.You can see the full tarot deck to date here. Also, I've begun receiving tarot card submissions from other artists, and am posting them here.*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.


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