Introducing the Super Punch Tarot

I'll talk about the project below. But first, the good stuff - - enjoy the first 17 cards of the Super Punch Tarot. Links are to the artists' sites, webstores, and to a classic post or creation of theirs.Major ArcanaThe Fool by Adam Koford. Webstore. Star Wars and Pixar Twitter avatars.The Priestess by Tom Whalen. Adventure Time travel poster.The Chariot by Doktor A. Webstore. Steampunk vinyl toys.Strength by Franco Brambilla. Webstore. Vintage postcards meet Star Wars. Death by Patricio Oliver. Webstores. Cucos vinyl toys.The Devil by Dan Hipp. Amazon.Gyakushu!The Tower by M.S. Corley. Webstore. A Series of Unfortunate Events book covers.The World by Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Webstore. Google products explained.Coins/PentaclesTwo of Coins by Kenn Munk. Webstore. Tagging Legoland.Knight of Pentacles by Brandon Schaefer. Webstore. Blade Runner and Ghostbusters movie posters.WandsAce of Wands by Eric Wirjanata. Webstore. Madman paper toy.King of Wands by Nancy Dorsner. Webstore. Cookie Monster-slaying babe.Cups/HeartsPage of Cups by Dan Goodsell. Webstores. The Watchmen as food.Queen of Hearts by Stéphane Massa-Bidal. Webstore.King of Cups by Dave Perillo. Webstore. Goonies postcard.SwordsPage of Swords by Lucy Knisley. Webstore. Lucy talks to her younger self.King of Swords by Shane Parker. Team Fortress 2 Spy Mighty Mugg.So, about this project. I wanted to do something special for the third anniversary of Super Punch, and three weeks or so ago, the idea popped into my head of inviting my favorite artists to create tarot cards. Other than reading Promethea, I knew very little about tarot cards, so I got up to speed courtesy of Wikipedia. I then went about contacting artists and matching them to cards.Below is the full list of participating artists. I expect that the deck will be complete by the end of April. If you've been inspired by what you've seen above, then by all means, please send me your own tarot card. I plan on posting the cards in the Super Punch tarot, and any additional submissions I get, at the Endless Deck.You can find a card template here, and see sample tarot cards here, here, and here.I (The Magician) · Daniel DavisII (The High Priestess) · Tom WhalenIII (The Empress) · Rex CrowleIV (The Emperor) · Joe AlterioV (The Hierophant / The Pope) · Eliza GaugerVI (The Lovers) · Bethalynne BajemaVII (The Chariot) · Doktor A.VIII (Justice) · Roman LaneyIX (The Hermit) · Thomas AllenX (Wheel of Fortune) · Myke AmendXI (VIII) (Strength) · Franco BrambillaXII (The Hanged Man) · J.SheaXIII (Death) · Patricio OliverXIV (Temperance) · Meghan JeanXV (The Devil) · Dan HippXVI (The Tower) · M.S. CorleyXVII (The Star) · Mike MaihackXVIII (The Moon) · Miss MonsterXIX (The Sun) · Simon PageXX (Judgment) · Travis PittsXXI (The World) · Stéphane Massa-BidalXXII (The Fool) â€" Adam KofordCoinsAce · Joseph GameTwo · Kenn MunkThree · Aaron MillerFour · Squink!Five · Justin Van GenderenSix · Katy HargroveSeven · Anneka TranEight · Tyler LandryNine · Sven RuthnerTen · Brent EngstromPage · Beast BrothersKnight · Brandon SchaeferQueen · Kat BrunnegraffKing · Rosemary TravaleWandsAce · Eric WirjanataTwo · John LeavittThree · San SmithFour · Amy MartinFive · JeromSix · Kate LoganSeven · Heather HudsonEight · Dragan KovacevicNine · Brent NolascoTen · Jesse PhilipsPage · Katie CookKnight · Dean ReevesQueen · Cormac McEvoyKing · Nancy DorsnerCupsAce · Chris ParksTwo · Casey WeldonThree · Renee BiertempfelFour · Annabelle HartmannFive · Santiago CarusoSix · Jerrod MaruyamaSeven · Edén Ochoa Iniesta Eight · Matt SinorNine · Meghan MurphyTen · Dave MacDowellPage · Dan GoodsellKnight · Timothy LimQueen · Stéphane Massa-BidalKing · Dave PerilloSwordsAce · Jacob GreenTwo · Joel CarrollThree · Brigid AshwoodFour · Mindy LeeFive · Noah Z. JonesSix · Geoff TrappSeven · Jack RossiEight · Rich PageNine · Mario GraciottiTen · Daniel ElsonPage · Lucy KnisleyKnight · Jason ChalkerQueen · Eric OrchardKing · Shane Parker*Buy tarot cards at Amazon.


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