Samson versus a monster with laser eyes (and more)

My favorite covers from the Dark Horse solicitations for June 2010:Cover to Mighty Samson Archives Volume 1:In a radioactive, nuclear-ravaged future, Samson is born into a tribe of peaceful yet desperate people struggling to survive in the desolate city of N’Yark. Surrounded by hungry, wild creaturesâ€"creatively mutated and brought to life by Thorne and subsequent artistsâ€"and the more savage, selfish remnants of humanity, life is precarious at best for the tribe until Samson displays amazing powers. Discovering that young Samson is a mutant himself, his mother trains Samson to value life, and on her deathbed Samson vows “to protect the weak from the powerful, the good from the evil!” New edition and cover for Dave McKean's Cages.*Previously: Cookbook illustrated by Dave McKean.*Buy books illustrated by Dave McKean at Amazon.


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