Super Punch Interview: Chris

(Super Punch interviews are posted every Monday. Please read the bottom of this post if you'd like to participate.)Meet Chris:1. What is you idea of the perfect day?A perfect day would consist of a couple meals out, drinks after, and all my friends in one place. (Graduating sucked, everyone drifted.)2. Describe on of the best moments of your life:One of the best moments of my life was my sister's wedding. It was an amazing wedding, and full of happy tears and lots and lots of laughter. Plus my sister was married, which is just an incredible thing.3. What is your most common nightmare?I have lots of nightmares where I'm either pregnant or have a baby. Either way, terrifying. Don't get me wrong, I love my nieces, but like...sooo not ready.4. What are your three favorite possessions?Three things I would run into my burning house to save are my cat, my HP mini, and my camera. In that order.5. What is your goal for 2010?My goal for 2010 is to find employment, and visit the friends that, as I mentioned, spread themselves out over these United States (and Europe. What is that about?)6. What superpower would you most like to have?I would most like to be able to teletransport. I love to travel, but it's expensive and it's hard to get schedules arranged. It would be so much nicer to be able to just go somewhere for a day trip. Plus you could exploit the power, by traveling between time zones and avoiding the dinner rush at restaurants. And it's super eco-friendly: teleportation uses ZERO fossil fuels. Think of it!*Previously: Read more Super Punch interviews here.*Buy condoms at Amazon.


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